Bubbles with Pizzazz,
this is the House of GM&AHRENS

We welcome you to the House of GM&AHRENS to discover what we humbly believe to be South Africa’s most top priced bubbles Vintage Cap Classique sparkler, one sip and your senses will be eternally grateful.

Proudly South African, our ultra-premium Vintage Cap Classique bubbles are sophisticated, elegant, bursting with pizzazz, and certainly stand out from the competitive Méthode Cap Classique crowd.

Our stylish and eclectic audience of bubbly connoisseurs understand that quality and perfection are worth waiting for, patience being rewarded after four years of maturation through a delightful experience of our unsurpassed product.

The House of GM&AHRENS label has built up a cult following of bubbly friends who wait with bated breath for every new vintage release at our annual Spring Day Bubbly Breakfast, preferring to get their sparkle fix fresh, and first-hand from the cellar.

Our avid followers include the likes of super-stylish top SA actor, model, and business entrepreneur, Maps Maponyane, as well as world-renowned pizzazzishly-stylish fashion designer, Gert-Johan Coetzee, to name but two.

The House of GM&AHRENS is the brainchild of quirky and energetic Gerrit Maritz (GM). Gerrit and Albert Ahrens, are respectively the founding and co-founding partners.

Our bubbles are niche, averaging about 10 000 bottles per vintage, making them sought-after by a growing number of connoisseurs looking for something special and engaging to grace their bubbly glass.

Our second label, the beautifully beaded, limited edition, Cuvée Agrandi, featured as the winners’ trophies at the prestigious 2016 SA Style Awards ceremony, a rather fashionable feather in our bubbly cap.

“I am not exaggerating or getting carried away when I say it is easily one of the finest MCC bubblies that I have tasted” GM&AHRENS Vintage CUVÉE Brut 2008 (first release)

Allan Mullins, Cape Wine Master – 2012