Customer Reviews

“I scored it as my top SA bubbly at 94 points and I defy anyone to disagree.”
Dave March, Cape Wine Master – 2015
“You have a wonderful, world class product and a real passion for what you do and this is a true gift.”
Longevity. ELLE & ELLE Decoration Magazine – 2015
Gisèle Wertheim Aymés, Director, Isiko Media (Pty) Ltd
“Truly a superb product ….”
Leeu Collection – 2015
Nicolette Waterford, Head of Public Relations, Brand and Marketing
“The beaded bottles are indeed beautiful and unique!”
South African Consulate General, New York – December 2015
Maria (Bing) Alo-Villareal
“Brilliantly dry, with a subtle leesy taste, but an abundance of white pears and apricots on the palate”
VIVINO – 2016
Sir Evan Sampson (rated our bubbly 5 out of 5 stars)
“One of the few South African Cap Classique’s that I think deserves full marks. Probably one of the only ones that most resembles a good Champagne! Deliciously leesy, honeyed and toasted brioche. A special occasion bubbly. Love the apple and biscuity finish.”
VIVINO – 2016
Marleen Lennox (rated our 2009 bubbly 5 out of 5 stars)
“SA`s best bubbly in a basket!”
Dave March, Cape Wine Master – 7 January 2017
“I would definitely want to have that in the cellar. I only had 2 bottles and as you can see they have made me famous!”
The Oyster Box
Billet Magara, Sommelier – The Oyster Box, 22 May 2017